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HOw to choose your most profitable Niche for the New YEar  

How to create an email list that sells while you sleep 

Never before seen- 6 Figure Instagram Stories Training

creating content that sells even on days you don't post

How to pitch without the cringe &  close the sale

reels that convert $$$ (no more wasting time on trends)

4-6 weeks of content for your feed

Downloadable Plug & Play  templates so you can implement right away

Abbey and Hannah have both created individual 6 figure brands organically on instagram without the use of engagement groups, buying followers or ads  & now we've partnered with  some of our favorite Industry Experts so that you can learn ALL the secrets to selling *daily* online!

In 2020 they formed a friendship that lead to an aligned business partnership and launched “Selling on Social” a brand that educates female entrepreneurs with the same 6 figure strategies that Abbey & Hannah use daily as well as what lead to the  $30k launch (in 30 days) of their joint brand.  Hannah and Abbey are passionate about creating “no fluff” and immediately implementable trainings for social sellers and small business owners who are ready to make life changing income online.

Hannah makes sales even without posting! 💰

 Mya Nihol made 6 figures in 1 month!

Brock Johnson : makes sales while He sleeps 

Abbey has done 6 figures in IG stories alone

“Omg the summit was amazing!!"

"I learned so much from the hashtag course - I literally went + spent half the day researching hashtags + what would be best for me then saw a HUGE spike in non-follower reach once I started using the new hashtag groups - like double almost triple what it was before!" - Ashley Stanley

"Thank you girls for making me feel like this is possible for me!!!”

“I just opened my email and saw the templates you guys provided. Can I say I almost cried!!! They are beautiful!!!! and I’m so glad I got in on the summit before it closed! The training was amazing. (Can’t wait for the video to rewatch) and the graphics…..well I have no words. Just absolutely beautiful!! -Tammy

"The niche talk course was like finally finding that hidden puzzle piece that’s been under the couch for a week."

"I knew that I needed to do it, knew something was missing, even had a general idea of what to do + hot to do it but the actually sitting down + working through what Abbey taught was so good! I went from like 6 different kinds related niches to one clear niche that fits everything I love!" -Ashley


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